New Developments in Lymphoma Fall 2014 Newsletter

Message from the Director

Leonard Face

“Welcome to the second edition of our newsletter. Our goal is to continue publishing these newsletters on a regular basis to help the lymphoma community remain abreast of the recent activities of WCMC researchers.”

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 Lymphoma Program Highlights

We believe that the future of oncology lies in targeted, non-chemotherapy drugs. Over the past decade, WCMC has contributed to the FDA approval of multiple new lymphoma drugs, including ibrutinib and idelalisib over the past year. The following are short summaries of some of our recent success stories.

Clinical Trial Spotlight

This is a select list of our open trials. Currently there are over 30 open trials for various lymphomas at WCMC. A complete listing of our offerings can be found at:

 Patient Experience

A current WCMC patient writes about his experience in seeking treatment with the Lymphoma Program at WCMC.

“In February of 2011 I was diagnosed with lymphoma while I was in Florida. I contacted my primary care physician, and he immediately arranged for my care with Dr. Jia Ruan of the Lymphoma Program. Two days later I flew to New York and Dr. Ruan diagnosed my disease more specifically as mantle cell lymphoma.” Click here for the full article

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