WCMC Patient Experience

Edward Callahan is a patient at Weill Cornell Medical College.

In February of 2011 I was diagnosed with lymphoma while I was in Florida. I contacted my primary care physician, and he immediately arranged for my care with Dr. Jia Ruan of the Lymphoma Program. Two days later I flew to New York and Dr. Ruan diagnosed my disease more specifically as mantle cell lymphoma. She then started me on a program of monthly chemotherapy treatments for six months. This was followed by a milder form of chemotherapy quarterly for two years.

The good news is that almost three years later I am in remission, look and feel great (especially told so by my friends), and am thankful to all the doctors, nurses, and technical staff who saved my life. The professional lymphoma specialists at Weill Cornell concurrently conduct research, see patients and stay abreast of scientific advances regarding lymphoma. I know of no other program in the world with such knowledge of this disease and its treatments. I was so fortunate to have this team taking care of me.

In addition to scientific knowledge, Dr. Ruan has the human touch that makes all the difference. She always took as much time as necessary to answer any questions I had about my cancer, chemotherapy, possible side effects, post-treatment maintenance programs, etc. Her kind approach greatly reduced my anxiety at a very difficult time.

I, as many others who have survived a life-threatening disease, feel a special gratitude for each new day. I also care more about other people, a feeling of kindness. My wife took special care of me constantly for six months, and my love for her is endless.

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