Message from the Director

John Leonard, MD
John Leonard, MD

It is my pleasure as director of the WCMC Lymphoma Program to introduce the inaugural issue of our newsletter. We designed this letter to be informative to both patients and clinicians. Our aims are to provide a brief update on recent contributions to the field of lymphoma research by WCMC researchers, to highlight ongoing clinical trials, and to feature a story from a patient with lymphoma.

Over the past year we have experienced the gratification that comes from seeing our research efforts yield important publications (four papers in the New England Journal of Medicine!) and contribute to the approval of exciting new medications for the management of patients with lymphoma. We hope that this newsletter provides a forum to demonstrate how far we have come and to emphasize where we think the field is moving.

As always, we remain committed to improving the lives of patients with lymphoma, and we believe that research is the primary pathway to that end. We would like to thank all of the patients (and their families) that have participated in the research at WCMC and elsewhere and we look forward to continued success over the coming year.

Best regards,

John Leonard MD

P.S. If you have any requests or ideas about topics that you would like us to cover on our blog or in future newsletters we would be happy to hear from you.

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