Researchers Develop New Method to Test Lymphoma Treatments

Researchers from Cornell Ithaca and Weill Cornell Medicine recently published a new study describing how organoids offer a realistic model to test new lymphoma treatments. A organoid is a tissue culture that mimics the environment where different lymphomas are found. The use of organoids could offer insights as to why some lymphoma treatments are more effective than others. As Dr. Ari Melnick explained:

“This is a game-changing technology for the field of lymphoma,” Melnick said. “These organoids allow us to better understand the complex architecture of lymphomas and how that informs the way we treat the disease – what drugs we should use and for whom, and how they interact with each other. This is a fundamental advance; no one in the world has the technology to treat patients in this way.” 

Research into lymphoma organoids are part of the P.A.Th. (Progressive Assessment of Therapeutics) program, an inter-campus collaboration between Cornell Ithaca and Weill Cornell Medicine that seeks to better translate the treatment of lymphoma patients.