State of the Science Summit: Treatment of Hematologic Malignancies

Dr. John Leonard and Dr. Peter Martin at State of the Science SummitWeill Cornell Medicine (WCM) and NewYork-Presbyterian (NYP) partnered with OncLive on May 4, 2017, to present the State of the Science Summit on Treatment of Hematologic Malignancies in Queens, NY.

The Lymphoma Program was well-represented at the Summit. Our own Drs. John Leonard and Peter Martin served as co-chairs for the event, which featured presentations from ten WCM/NYP hematologists and oncologists, and more than half of the talks focused on the latest science and research related to the diagnosis and treatment of various lymphoma types.

For videos and synopses of what our physician spoke about, stay tuned to our blog. Here’s an overview of the updates coming your way soon:

  • Dr. John Leonard on the emergence of CAR T-cell therapy
  • Dr. Peter Martin on the importance of patient preference and lifestyle when determining a mantle cell lymphoma treatment regimen
  • Dr. Richard Furman on risk assessment in an era of novel agents for CLL patients
  • Dr. Jia Ruan on new agents for treatment of peripheral T-cell lymphomas
  • Dr. Sarah Rutherford on two highly aggressive B-cell lymphomas
  • Dr. Lisa Roth on differences in treatment approaches for adult and adolescent lymphoma patients

NewYork Presbyterian Hospital Ranked as New York Best Hospital

Earlier this week the U.S. News and World Report released their annual survey of “Best Hospitals”. NewYork Presbyterian one of the country’s largest and most comprehensive hospitals was ranked New York’s No. 1 hospital for the 16th year in a row, and No. 6 ranked hospital in all of the United States. Dr. Augustine M.K. Choi, interim dean of Weill Cornell Medicine commented,

“Our esteemed physicians and scientists at Weill Cornell Medicine and NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medicine always put patients first, providing them with the finest, most comprehensive care so that they can live their healthiest lives. Together we create one of the top academic medical centers in the United States, motivated by a shared commitment: to drive excellence in healthcare and truly make a difference in New York and beyond.”

This commitment is shared by the physicians, researchers, and staff in the Lymphoma Program.

Unmasking a Killer: How Immunotherapy Helps Your Body Find Cancer and Destroy It

One of the difficulties in treating all cancers is the inability of a person’s immune system to target cancer cells because of the cancer cells ability to avoid detection. Researchers throughout the Meyer Cancer Center at Weill Cornell Medicine and NewYork-Presbyterian have been researching new ways to help the immune system find these cancer cells. This field of research is known as immunotherapy. Immunotherapy is a type of biological therapy that helps the immune system fight cancer through the use of substances in the living organism. You can find more information and an explanation as to how immunotherapy fights cancer in the below video:

While specific immunotherapy derived treatments are still in the clinical trial phase for lymphoma this is an area of active research. In this video Lymphoma Program Director, Dr. John P. Leonard refers to the development of immune checkpoint inhibitors as an, “…important new frontier…” in the treatment of lymphoma. Currently clinicals for lymphoma related immunotherapy are ongoing. Available trials for immunotherapy at Weill Cornell can be found on the Joint Clinical Trials website.