Chemotherapy-Free Combination is Active as First-Line Treatment of Mantle Cell Lymphoma

Dr. Jia Ruan, MD, PhD
Dr. Jia Ruan, MD, PhD

At the 55th annual American Society of Hematology Meeting, Dr. Jia Ruan presented preliminary data from a multi-center phase II  investigator-initiated trial led by Weill Cornell Medical College. The trial demonstrated that the combination of  lenalidomide + rituximab has a high complete response rate and is safe for patients with  previously untreated mantle cell lymphoma (MCL). This study provides the first evidence that a chemotherapy-free, combination biologic approach is feasible as initial therapy for MCL. It signals a  potential new paradigm for a non-chemotherapy treatment of MCL in its initial stage. Although a more precise assessment of  response rate and durability will require further study, the data justifies evaluation  of the lenalidomide + rituximab regimen both alone and as a platform for the integration of new drugs in combination approaches. Highlights from the trial include the following:

  • The overall objective response rate for evaluable patients was  87%, with 57% of patients achieving a complete response.
  • 93% of patients were still responding and all patients were alive at the one-year time point.
  • Treatment was well tolerated, and no unexpected side effects were reported.


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